“Bellum-The Daemon of War”: the AI ​​goes to war

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We remember the “disruptor” in The Kings of the Stars (1949), by Edmond Hamilton. Composed of twelve cones to be mounted in a circle on the bow of a spaceship, this absolute weapon projecting a “ghostly glow” capable of “destroying space itself!” seems stricken with obsolescence, relegated to the radius of gadgets, next to the scoubidou and the hula-hoop. Reality goes beyond science fiction, the art of war is perfected thanks to advanced computer technology.

Bellum-the demon of war begins with a televised archive in which Robert Oppenheimer, responsible for the Manhattan Project from which the atomic bomb arose, speaks: “We know that things will never be the same again”, vaticine the physicist, before quoting this passage from the Bhagavad -Gita in which Vishnu, to impress the prince, takes his armed form and says “Now I have become Death, the Destroyer of the world.” A countdown is heard, 4… 3… 2… 1… and atomic fire invades the screen. First experience in the Nevada desert with spectators in dark glasses seduced by this show of force.