Behind the vaccine, the desire to make up for lost time

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The vaccine race unfolding before our eyes is a race against time. You have to run faster than the virus to avoid being definitely overtaken by it, which mutates as quickly as you vaccinate. But that’s not all. It is our relationship to time as a whole that the virus has profoundly altered, and it is now time to rebuild it step by step.

For the first time perhaps, personal time and collective time aligned perfectly with each other within a present uniform. The pandemic has crushed all time zones. One continent after another, the whole world has stopped for a year, forgetting the problems that agitated it to get to the confusing rhythm of the waves of contagion, made of successive advances and retreats, as if linearity s ‘was drowned in a series of curves and loops that always lead back to the same, with no clear horizon in front of us.