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At the heart of Peter May’s new thriller, an avian, British and bloody variant

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A thriller against the backdrop of a deadly pandemic? This is enough to make a few cringe. Opportunism in bad taste, unhealthy commercialism? You are not there! When the popular Peter May – Scottish writer based in France – decides to write Quarantine, it is in 2005, in full outbreak of avian flu. While some scientists predict that H5N1 could cause the next influenza pandemic, the author is documenting thoroughly. What he discovers terrifies him. And subsequently terrify the publishers who will judge his novel too unrealistic. Drafted by the Covid-19, Quarantine was published in 2020 in English. The book has just been released in French. Very good Peter May.

Free riders shot without warning

As we have understood, any resemblance to our current experience is fortuitous. But in some ways startling. The plot is set in an unrecognizable London. Epicenter of the pandemic, plagued by desolation and looting, the capital is subject to total containment. Everywhere checkpoints and police roadblocks limit movement. And anyone who breaks the nighttime curfew risks being shot without warning.

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