At the bottom of my house, the End of the World

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At the bottom of my house, it’s the end of the world. Well almost. I go out and, after a few strides, I reach the wooden terrace and the carmine red frontage of Bout du Monde, a well-known bistro and concert hall in Vevey. And even beyond. His team is busy as the piles of chairs still doze off. Reopening the next day, Wednesday, after three months of shutdown. For how long? Who knows.

“We made the bet”, sighs Frédéric Vallotton – Fred, for the close friends. He co-founded the place seventeen years ago, with about fifteen friends. Sitting in front of his cup of coffee, elbows on his knees, he explains that given the bistro’s rather precarious financial situation, reopening it is above all a way of ensuring its role as a social place. “Of course there are health constraints and the reality of the figures, we will try to operate without losing too much. We do it for people like Bertrand *, for example. ”