Antifreeze paralyzed, Grand Central comes to your home

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When you can’t go to a party, why not host a party at home? This is more or less the bet that Antigel is making for its 11th edition. This year, no crowds crowded into a barracks in Vernets that looked like a Berlin industrial wasteland. If the evenings at Grand Central have always been synonymous with unusual places, the 2021 edition will perhaps break records by making partygoers dance… between the coffee table and the ficus in their living room.

For the moment, the event organized in collaboration with Shap Shap and Motel Campo is the only musical event of the festival to resist the Covid-19. However, it underwent various changes according to the announcements of the Federal Council, before being finally completely dematerialized, details Thuy-San Dinh, co-director of the Antigel festival: “Plan A was to make a“ Grand Central bar ”in an old cinema . Then we thought of doing a day wellness center with yoga. In view of the current situation, we finally had to opt for streaming evenings without a gathering. ”