Anti-religious laws threaten the future of Europe’s Jews as surely as Islamist terrorism

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In 1891, Switzerland, worried about the migratory influx of Jews fleeing the East, adopted a radical measure: banning ritual slaughter. This makes it de facto difficult to maintain Jewish life in its territory. One hundred and thirty years later, we see this temptation resurfacing throughout the European continent, with deleterious effects.

Everywhere in Europe, religious freedoms are declining. Millennial rites, such as circumcision or ritual slaughter, are regularly called into question. The Court of Justice of the EU has just confirmed a court decision handed down in Belgium. It indicates that the prior stunning of the animal can be imposed in the European Union, threatening more seriously than ever the Shehita (traditional slaughter). We can also cite the bill tabled in 2018 in the Icelandic parliament, which wanted to criminalize circumcision performed without medical reason, on the grounds that it would infringe the physical integrity of minors.