Anti-burqa initiative: a historic opportunity!

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What a cruel paradox! The initiative “Yes to the ban on hiding one’s face in public space” submitted to a vote on March 7 was launched by a committee not really known for its “Islamophilia”. And yet, I am convinced, it represents a historic opportunity for the overwhelming majority of Swiss citizens of the Muslim community. I’m in. That day, whatever our degrees of belief and religious practice, we will finally have the opportunity to say a vibrant “no” to the Islamists. Both the Salafists and the Wahhabis and the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s kif-kif bourricot. Solemnly. By the most beautiful act of citizenship that so many humans from other countries envy us: by slipping a ballot in the ballot box.

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We are not fools. The authors of this text are content to surf on the fears of Islam present in part of the West since the attacks of September 11, 2001 and their monstrous aftershocks in Madrid, London, Paris, Nice or Berlin. Unfortunately, the list is not exhaustive. Because we often forget the corpses scattered almost every week in the markets of Kabul, Baghdad and elsewhere. So many monstrous acts committed and commissioned by men who daily lower women to the role of mere parents. All this in the name of our religion.

No need for a counter-project

The burqa and the niqab are not clothes like the others. These are not just mini skirts or leggings. Neither ostentatious religious symbols, but the banner of a monstrous ideology. These pieces of fabric hide the faces of those who wear it, whether intentionally or not. The women who wrap themselves in this shroud thus find themselves de facto excluded from the rest of the world and cannot enter into dialogue with the people who rub shoulders with them or cross paths with them. If they do so of their own free will, let them assume the consequences and accept the prospect of remaining voluntary prisoners ad vitam æternam. If forced to do so, we will ruthlessly condemn those who reduce them to slavery. The current Penal Code already allows this. No need for a painless indirect counter-project.

This sartorial Guantanamo represents above all a deadly ideology which fights our democratic values ​​and our model of civilization

This sartorial Guantanamo represents above all a deadly ideology which fights our democratic values ​​and our model of civilization. I am not prepared to sacrifice them on the altar of a blissful conception of multiculturalism based on an edifying cultural relativism and a communitarian drift. How sad to hear and read personalities so quick to fight “populism” or “fascism” here so easily give up in the face of this real common enemy.

Historic occasion

Before being Muslims, we are citizens happy to live in a democratic country praised in the world. By agreeing to anchor in the Federal Constitution the ban on hiding one’s face in public space (since neither the Federal Council nor the Federal Chambers had the wisdom to make it a law), we will have the historic opportunity to publicly show solidarity with those in many countries who risk their lives every day to refuse to bear this horror. And also to remind loud and clear that we never want to be likened to these bawling criminals again “Allahu Akbar»By shooting a Jewish girl in Lyon’s head or Cabu’s head.