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an old lady thought to be dead wakes up before her cremation

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Recently in an Indian village, an old lady regained consciousness a few minutes before her cremation. Infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, she fell ill and passed out to the point that her relatives believed she was dead. This incredible story serves as a reminder of the gravity of the current health situation in India.

“Dead” in front of the hospital

Shakuntala Gaikwad lives in Mudhale, a village about 50 km from the city of Pune (India). This 76-year-old lady is at the heart of such an incredible scary story told by an article in the daily India today . After a positive coronavirus diagnosis, but not showing no serious symptoms, the doctors simply advise him to isolate himself at the family home.

Only, here, his condition deteriorates quickly and his relatives take him to the hospital. However, the health context being particularly serious throughout the country, many health establishments can no longer accommodate patients additional. Like many, Shakuntala Gaikwad’s family were unlucky and the old lady had to wait in the vehicle that had transported her.

In the vehicle, Shakuntala Gaikwad loses consciousness. While she does not move at all, her relatives conclude that she is dead. Then everyone goes back to the village to start the process preceding the cremation of the deceased.

Credits: screenshot / India Today

A late, but timely awakening!

The family proceeded with the preparation of the body as well as the usual funeral rites. She then placed the remains on a stretcher, the last step before cremation. To everyone’s surprise, Shakuntala Gaikwad regained consciousness crying, before opening your eyes. In a state of shock, the old lady was subsequently taken back to the hospital for a follow-up. “Additional treatment” according to doctors. Since then, no information testifies to the state of the septuagenarian nor explains how she was able to wake up while everyone believed in her death.

Besides the incredible and frightening nature of this story, this is an opportunity to recall the deplorable situation in India. Currently completely overwhelmed by a new outbreak of cases, the country now has around 26 million cases for more than 291,000 deaths. The health care system is already bankrupt due to a lack of beds, oxygen and medicine. Establishments dedicated to the dead are also overloaded. Incredible images of open-air mass cremations have already toured the globe.


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