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an exercise to find your sense of smell more easily

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One of the main symptoms of the disease induced by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is loss of smell. She is perhaps also one of the most surprising. British researchers recently described an exercise to be performed in order to regain the sense of smell. The fact is that this one is intended for people who still have problems with smell after the disease.

Re-educate the brain

Anosmia is a disorder of smell resulting in a complete loss of smell, temporary or permanent. However, this is one of the main symptoms of Covid-19. In the majority of cases, the sense of smell returns quite quickly after healing. However, one in five people say they do not fully regain this sense for up to eight weeks after contracting the disease. In a publication on April 26, 2021, a team from the University of East Anglia (United Kingdom) offers an exercise to find smell. According to the researchers, this is a inexpensive solution, simple and without side effects.

The exercise in question consists of sniff four different smells at least, and twice a day for several months. The researchers explain that the effectiveness of this technique is combined with a good choice of objects to smell. Indeed, it is up to the choice of distinct scents, easily identifiable and familiar. It can, for example, be smelling an orange, garlic, mint or even coffee.

Credit: Madmad1234 / Wikimedia Commons

Professor Carl Philpott – lead author of the study – says the goal is to promote healing by relying on neuroplasticity. In other words, it is about relying on the brain’s ability to reorganize itself in order to compensate for a change (or an injury). In short, it is about relearn to the brain recognize different smells.

An interesting alternative

Right now, the drug doctors are prescribing to treat anosmia is just a treatment corticosteroid-based. However, this kind of remedy is generally used in the treatment of asthma by reducing inflammation in the body. However, British scientists advise against taking this treatment in cases of anosmia. According to them, there is still too little evidence of their effectiveness.

There is even talk of potential side effects, including high blood pressure, fluid retention as well as mood and behavior problems. Fortunately, most former patients recover their sense of smell quite quickly and are therefore not affected. For others, as much try to exercise described in this article before committing to treatment with potentially side effects.


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