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An electric pleasure boat more respectful of the environment!

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A Danish company recently unveiled an electric boat including a certain amount of aluminum and synthetic woods from recycling. More respectful of the environment, this ship also benefits from a rather interesting speed and recharging capacity.

A significant presence of recycled materials

At the end of 2019, we were talking about Ellen, the largest electric ferry in the world. Capable of carrying no less than 30 vehicles and 200 passengers for a range of 35 kilometers, this boat still carries 56 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries. Although we are a long way from the capacity of the larger ferries here, the Ellen seems like a good start. When is it for electric pleasure boats? Suffice to say that there is no crowd on the market. However, the Danish company Sarvo Marine recently unveiled this kind of machine: the Sarvo37. The goal? Design a more environmentally friendly boat without compromising performance and aesthetics.

With a length of 11.3 m, the Sarvo37 has a 6 mm thick aluminum shell containing 60% recycled aluminum. According to the manufacturer, this is a material requiring less maintenance than a fiberglass shell, while being more resistant. In addition, the deck is made of synthetic wood, again containing materials from recycling (80%). This synthetic wood contains in particular plastic waste from the oceans.

Credit: Sarvo Marine

Attractive features

Sarvo Marine said they worked on the profile of the hull by inspired by old minesweepers Danish. The Sarvo37 therefore sports a V-shaped bow to easily split waves at low speed as well as a flat bow in order to be able to slide when the speed increases. Thanks to his 1,280 horsepower electric motor, its maximum speed reached 70 knots, or about 130 km / h. The ship’s battery (350 kWh) allows an autonomy of 70 to 100 nautical miles (between 130 and 185 km) at moderate speed (between 10 and 20 knots).

The manufacturer also mentioned an optimization of performance and handling, using a good weight distribution – mainly that of the battery. Plus, propeller immersion (halfway) helps with acceleration and speed. We should also mention the presence of an auxiliary backup battery and above all, a 360 kW fast charging system allowing full recharge in just an hour. For the moment, Sarvo Marine has not communicated any sale price, but its first copy should sail in May 2021.


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