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An astonishing translation of Dante “not to hurt”

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■ “Hell” without Muhammad

March 25 marked Dante’s day, renamed Dantedi last year. This commemoration was all the more expected as 2021 marks the 700 years of the death of the Italian poet. However, far from celebrating the transcultural impact of his famous triptych, The Divine Comedy, the Dutch publisher Blossom Books offered him a new translation of Hell making sure there erase the name of Muhammad “so as not to injure unnecessarily”… An astonishing justification when we notice that the Muslim prophet is the only figure to be excluded, Lies Lavrijsen, the translator, having chosen to keep popes, Judas, murderers of Caesar and homosexuals whose destiny in hell could not visibly not hurt the beliefs of others.

“The Divine Comedy” is 700 years old: In the footsteps of Dante Alighieri, Florentine poet

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