An area for the Yeniches blocked by a nest of vipers

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It is an issue that does not lack spice. The creation by the canton of Neuchâtel of a parking area for Swiss travelers west of the village of Vaumarcus is blocked due to the presence on the site of a population of asp vipers. The Cantonal Court has in fact just accepted the appeal of two environmental defense organizations: Pro Natura and WWF. A decision against which the Council of State will not appeal to the Federal Court.

This stage victory rejoices Céline Vara, the lawyer appointed by the two associations to file the appeal: “Asp vipers are on the red list of endangered species. There was no sense in planning an area there, when other sites would be possible in the township. ” The one who is also an adviser to the Green States specifies that this action does not target travelers. On the contrary. “It’s not ideal to have families live with poisonous snakes,” she emphasizes.