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This year the famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place online due to the current health crisis. A US company presented a connected dog portal there. Thus, Man’s best friend will no longer have to wait for someone to open the door for him. This device is added to the long list of existing home automation equipment.

A connected “cat flap” for dogs

Usually, dogs wait patiently for their master to open the door for them so they can get out of the house. Chamberlain, a US garage gate specialist, presented his latest innovation at the recent CES 2021. This is a connected dog portal looking like a cat flap. The goal? Offer more freedom to man’s best friend. However, this innovation seems to concern only users having a house with a fence, for obvious security reasons.

Even if its master is absent, the animal can therefore go out as it pleases. However, this must be equipped with a Bluetooth connected collar to the device. Indeed, the famous portal called Pet Portal is equipped with a sensor and the dog just needs to approach it to automatically unlock it (see video at the end of the article).

Credits: YouTube capture / Sean Hollister

More freedom for dogs

The connected gate can thus operate in automatic opening mode, but not only. Indeed, the teacher will be able to choose the manual operation. When the dog approaches the door, the human receives a notification giving him the choice to unlock the door or not. In addition, the device is equipped with two cameras in 1080p resolution to observe the animal or speak to it using a built-in microphone.

smart door dog
Credits: YouTube capture / Sean Hollister

Thus, the dog enjoys more freedom, in order to ventilate and satisfy a natural need. For the master, this innovation is synonymous with tranquility, but also serenity. Indeed, there is no more fear of leaving your animal alone at home. According to Chamberlain, the portal is already available for pre-order at a price of $ 2,999. The first orders should also arrive in the second quarter of 2021.

In 2018, the French start-up CamToy presented a device intended for dogs in the absence of their master. Called Laïka, this machine whose shape recalls that of a small barrel allows remote interaction between the master and the animal. The device allows in particular a control of its movements and a video return directly on smartphone using a camera.

Here is the promotional video for the Pet Portal connected door:

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