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Ambri-Piotta will no longer go to Valascia

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Too remote, too small, too dilapidated, too old, too cold, the Valascia is no more and the world of the National League can now regret the one it loved to hate for a good twenty years that Swiss hockey has traded its ice rinks for arenas, the mountains for the cities, open air refreshments for restaurant tables, and this contrast between boiling atmosphere and Siberian temperature by a uniform warmth.

This Monday we played the last round of a regular season which only had the name. Out of reach of play-offs, dropped even for pre-play-offs, exempt from play-outs (the Swiss Hockey League has decided that no team will be relegated this season), Ambri-Piotta was promised on vacation, his defender Michael Ngoy (39) retired and Valascia went bankrupt. They all follow a final defeat, 2-3 against Gottéron. The Fribourgeois finished third and will face in the quarter-finals Genève-Servette, winner of Lugano (5-2).

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