Alice in the land of decibels

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“Hello Stéphane!” And suddenly, a dizziness, like the impression of passing through the mirror: on the other end of the cell phone, a rock legend, Alice Cooper. The call came from Los Angeles, before being transferred to Paradise Valley, near Phoenix, where the singer lives. It is 10am in the western United States, we can guess the picture windows of his villa flooded by the soft Arizona sun.

Time is running out, twenty short minutes, so we get straight to the point: to evoke Stories from Detroit, a 28th album designed as a tribute to the largest city in the state of Michigan, the one also called “Motor City” because of a once flourishing automobile industry. A nickname that the Motown, a competitive soul team founded in 1959, would take away – ten years before the emergence of a heavy rock that laid the foundations of punk and that made alternative clubs tremble.