Alexandre Lecoultre: “I write to catch the world”

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If the pandemic had not taken place, Alexandre Lecoultre would have taken us to Atlantico, or Calypso, in Bern, cafes he likes to frequent. It will be necessary to be satisfied with looking from the window at the game of chess and billiards of Calypso, its deserted bar. In the absence of coffee, the writer suggests that we cross the city, evokes Ulysses at the bend of a street, and The odyssey by Homer, which he is reading in Philippe Jaccottet’s translation.

At 33, Alexandre Lecoultre published last year Peter and so on (L’Age d’Homme), which has just received the Swiss Literature Prize 2021. A book that does not fit into any category. Roman is at the same time a prose poem. We follow Peter, a marginal, a marvelous “idiot” (but who is in reality a sighted poet), through the streets of a German-speaking Swiss town simply called the “dorf”.