Airport slots, a precious windfall for companies

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To ensure its survival, Air France had to agree on Tuesday to make 18 pairs of daily slots available at Orly airport in the Paris region. A concession required by the European Commission to validate the company’s recapitalization plan to the tune of 4 billion euros supported by the French state. Its objective: to ensure compliance with competition rules at one of the most saturated airports in Europe.

These slots will be reallocated to other carriers already present at the airport or wishing to develop a base there. “They represent around 5% of Air France’s daily slots on the platform. Today, the group owns around half of slits of the airport ”, explains Guillaume Hue, specialist in the aviation sector within Archery Strategy Consulting. These slits refers to the authorization given to airlines to take off or land an aircraft at an airport at a specific time. They work in pairs for takeoff and landing.