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AI advice found to be more reliable than humans, study finds

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Humans are increasingly trusting artificial intelligence (or AI) rather than their peers in different fields. A recent study confirms this, adding to other previous work in the same direction.

AI acclaimed in the face of difficulty

Should we trust artificial intelligence to make decisions? The question arises and is logically debated. In any case, the current trend inexorably leans towards AI. A study published by Georgia State University (United States) in the journal Scientific reports on April 13, 2021 tried to prove this. 1,500 volunteers were asked to observe a series of photos for which the number of people present had to be assessed. As the images scrolled, the number of people in them increased, making it difficult to estimate. Subsequently, the researchers offered the volunteers to follow the advice of a third party, namely either another human or an AI.

According to the results, the participants preferred to follow the indications of the AI ​​rather than those of their peers. In addition, the more the difficulty concerning the estimate increased, the more the advice of the AI ​​was requested. These results are of concern. Indeed, if this technology has progressed enormously in recent years (and is still progressing), artificial intelligences still make a lot of mistakes. In other words, there is nothing to be sure that they will always be right, even in the future. So this amounts to saying that trusting other humans is always a more than valid option.

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Other previous work draws the same conclusions

The results of the Georgia State University study, however, are not that surprising when compared to other previous work. In 2019, Oracle and Future Workplace conducted a survey with 8,370 employees from ten countries including France. However, no less than 64% of those questioned declared that they were more likely to trust an AI than their manager.

In February 2021, another study still carried out by Oracle had brought a rather disturbing conclusion. In fact, 67% of individuals and professionals would more confidence in an AI rather than a human when it comes to managing their finances. In addition, 77% of executives in the financial field would grant more credit from an AI point of view rather than that of their own human teams.


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