After the WHO visit to Wuhan, the mystery of Covid-19 remains unresolved

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In Wuhan, nothing new: the investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO) did not seem to allow to know more about the origin of the virus, nor on the gray areas of the official Chinese version. After twelve days on site, the researchers presented the thesis of transmission by an animal intermediate host as the most probable, even if it remains to be discovered. They also qualified the thesis of a laboratory accident as “extremely improbable”, but opened the door to the question of the transmission of the virus by the cold chain, a hypothesis favored by China, which sees the possibility. importation of the virus from abroad.

Difficult beginnings

The WHO investigation had not started auspiciously. On January 5, despite months of negotiations, China had indeed refused visas to members of the team, some of whom were already on their way, prompting a rare criticism from WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was said to be “very disappointed”.