After the Federal Council’s announcements, the restaurant world is upset

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Joke. Mockery. Humiliation. The words are strong. They reflect the disappointment of the cafeteria-restaurateurs following the Federal Council’s announcements on Wednesday. The reopening of their establishments is not scheduled before April 1 and, at best, on that date they can only serve on the terrace.

“It’s a political decision. We are trying to give us something, but it’s a joke, ”fulminates restaurateur Frédérique Beauvois, from the Who will pay the bill? “The service on the terrace, in April, is a negligible part of our turnover. Who will take the risk of stocking up without knowing the weather? The game is not worth the candle. This possibility, as mentioned by the Federal Council, demonstrates the ignorance of the imperatives of restoration, ”she supports.

President of Gastrovalais, André Roduit is angry. “The possible opening of the terraces in April will create a distortion of competition, that’s nonsense! We don’t want this half-measure. ” And the restaurateur added: “If we open the terraces, will we still have the right to aid? If this is not the case, we send coffee shops out of business. ”

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Criticism on substance and form

If the “non-announcement” of this Wednesday is criticized on the substance, it is also on the form. The quote from John Fitzgerald Kennedy, “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” by President of the Confederation Guy Parmelin stuck in the throat.

This speech broke the heart of Didier de Courten. The Valais chef considers this sentence to be “symptomatic of the state of mind that reigns today”. “How dare he say such nonsense?” It is we who are awaiting support from the authorities. If not, what are they used for? ” he asks.

Frédérique Beauvois adds: “If there are many people who have done their part of the job, by putting in place sanitary measures for example, it is the restaurant owners. We paid for our tour! ”

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