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after the “black fungus”, a “white fungus” cause for concern in India

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Lately, a serious fungal infection has resurfaced in India, affecting Covid-19 patients in remission. This infection is linked to a black fungus. This time it is about another fungal infection relating to a white fungus, this one spreading more easily in certain parts of the body.

A white mushroom that questions

Currently, the second wave of coronavirus in India is a real massacre. The country’s Covid-19 toll is over more than 300,000 deaths for about 26 million cases. Recently, we mentioned the discovery of a “triple mutant” variant in India, as well as the resurgence of mucormycosis in Covid-19 patients in remission, an infection caused by a black fungus. As explained The independent In an article from May 22, 2021, Indian scientists are worried this time about the appearance of another infection: candidiasis.

It is a fungal infection originating from a unicellular white fungus, namely yeasts of the genus Candidiasis. In Patna in the province of Bihar, four cases of candidiasis were identified. However, the fact is that patients with this infection also showed symptoms of the coronavirus. They also had characteristic lung lesions contamination with coronavirus. Nevertheless, they had not tested positive for the virus, which questions.

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An additional worry

Among the Indian scientific community, the most worrying is the capacity of yeasts of the genus Candidiasis to spread easily to certain parts of the body. These include the kidneys, brain, stomach and nails. Mainly, the white fungus is more violent than its black counterpart. Thus, the country’s authorities wish to monitor other cases of candidiasis that may appear elsewhere in the country.

This additional worry is largely fueled by the spread of the black fungus causing mucormycosis. In the province of Maharashtra, where the city of Bombay is located, authorities have reported 2,000 cases – for about 7,000 nationwide. Ten days ago, 11 people had lost an eye due to this infection, but today, there is talk of a death rate having already exceeded 50%!

Several factors favored the appearance of this infection in Covid-19 patients in remission. The most important of these seems to be the taking of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in order to limit the damage of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this treatment also has the effect of weakening the immune system.


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