“Advice to his enemies: Nicolas Sarkozy is still moving …”

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Boom. Nicolas Sarkozy in prison or almost: it is a truly unprecedented judgment that shakes the gold of the neighboring Republic. “A political earthquake”, even says CNN. “France is a country sick of its corruption and the businesses which prove it hold out to us a mirror which one day we will have to face the reflection”, continues Mediapart.fr. There is something rotten across the Jura …

This Monday, yes, it’s not more complicated than that: “Sarko” became the first former president of the Fifth French Republic sentenced to prison. For corruption and influence peddling in the so-called “wiretapping” affair. Before him, alone Jacques Chirac had been sanctioned by justice, sentenced in 2011 to two years in prison suspended in the case of fictitious jobs in the city of Paris. “One year firm: Nicolas Sarkozy, simple delinquent”, sums up quickly Humanity. After all, he would be a litigant like any other.