According to a study, men’s infidelity can be seen on their faces!

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One study estimates that infidelity can be read directly on the faces of men. According to those responsible for this work, detecting male infidelity would even be very easy. On the other hand, this would not be the case for women.

Read infidelity on the faces

In 2015, British marriage counselor Andrew G. Marshall gave the most common reasons for infidelity in a couple. The person concerned mentioned in particular the Internet, the family scheme, lack of communication or even pregnancy. However, this specialist in marriage therapy did not suggest any means of detecting infidelity among the members of the couple.

In 2019, psychology researchers at the University of Western Australia (Australia), however, took an interest in the question. Their work published in the journal Royal Society Open Science tend to show that women very often succeed in spot their spouse’s infidelity. How? ‘Or’ What ? By just looking at their faces!

Credit: crown-sathees / Pixavay

Women more clairvoyant than men

The researchers led by Yong Zhi Foo included in their study no less than 1,516 heterosexual people, i.e. 592 men and 924 women from 18 to 75 years old. The volunteers had to judge photos of women and men with neutral expression, giving them a score from 1 to 10. It was a question of determining whether these people were faithful as a couple or not. According to the results, women are highly capable (far more than men) of detecting infidelity in the opposite sex. In addition, the researchers said that the faces of women remained unfathomable. It would therefore be very difficult for men to detect infidelity in their partner.

The study authors listed the criteria for recognizing an unfaithful man. The typical unfaithful would have a pronounced brow bone, long eyelashes, a square jaw and thin lips. Obviously, all of this remains to be proven in other larger studies. It is also possible to question the scientific basis of such a study.

In 2016, we talked about Smarttress, a mattress concept designed to spot infidelity. Spanish company Durmet says it has developed the very first smart and connected mattress. This is equipped with a detection system, the Love Detection System, which starts up in case of suspicious activity within the marital bed. The system would be able, by means of vibration and ultrasound sensors, to measure the frequency and intensity of movements as well as the number of people present.

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