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A video game to help children with cognitive impairment

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Canadian researchers recently conducted an experiment aimed at testing a video game of their own. The goal? Understand if it can help children with cognitive impairment. The experiment in question relates to autistic children.

A game that promotes concentration

What if video games could improve brain functions children with cognitive impairment? Researchers at the University of Victoria (Canada) recently designed a video game called Dino Island (see trailer at the end of the article). This is an adventure game whose story takes place on an island and whose goal is to answer a series of puzzles. According to scientists, the game is made in an attractive way in order to give children motivation necessary to achieve their goal.

According to the creators, the program is being test on autistic children. They can use it with their parents or in class under the watchful eye of their teacher. In an article published by NME On March 29, 2021, the mother of an autistic little girl who is also a teacher praised the merits of the game: “Once she starts playing the game, she really focuses and stays there. As a teacher, I see that this could be used in schools for some of the children who have problems in the classroom, and for parents of students with autism, it could be of real benefit in helping them learn to focus and by providing them with different ways of doing it. ”

Credits: YouTube / Dino Island capture

A project still in its early stages

This project therefore seems to have given very encouraging first impressions. However, it should be kept in mind that this project is still in its infancy. The coming weeks of testing will allow us to learn more about the potential benefits of this type of game for children with cognitive impairment.

In general, video games have a bad reputation, but several studies mention certain positive aspects. For almost a decade, “serious games” have appeared in the field of health. However, some of these games aim to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s for which there is no medication or even various addictions such as smoking.

In 2020, a report was released by the National Literacy Trust, a UK organization whose goal is to promote literacy. According to the authors of the study, video games allow sharing of cultural experiences promoting communication with other young people. However, this would allow stronger social ties.


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