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a pill-vaccine soon begins its first clinical trials

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An oral “vaccine” in pill form developed by the Oravax company should begin its first phase of clinical trials this summer to fight Covid-19.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., an Israeli pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of oral drug delivery systems, recently announced the formation of a joint venture with Indian company Premas Biotech. Named Oravax Medical Inc., the new structure is currently developing a vaccine candidate in pill form able to protect against emerging mutations of the new coronavirus.

In a pilot study conducted on animal models, the vaccine candidate would have promoted systemic immunity by immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most common antibody in blood and body fluids that protects against viral infections, and immunoglobulin A (IgA).

First clinical trials this summer for this oral “vaccine”

These first tests closed, Oravax now plans to start its first clinical study during the second quarter of this year. If successful, oral administration of the vaccine should provide large-scale inoculation and simpler vaccine distribution without the need for injection.

An oral vaccine would remove several barriers, potentially allowing people to take the vaccine themselves at home ”, highlighted Nadav Kidron, CEO of Oramed. “While ease of administration is essential today to speed up inoculation rates, an oral vaccine could become even more valuable in the event that a COVID-19 vaccine could be recommended each year as the standard influenza vaccine.“.

Oral vaccines would thus appear as a “second generation” option, easier to administer and simpler to distribute. “The vaccine could be shipped in normal refrigerators and then stored at room temperatureNadav Kidron continues.

In an email addressed to Business intern, Professor Paul Hunter, Professor of Medicine at the University of East Anglia, however issued a reservation. “We will need properly conducted studies to prove the value [de ces vaccins oraux]“, did he declare. “However, they may actually be useful in people with severe phobia, and may be easier and faster to administer.“.

Other types of second generation vaccines are under study, such as vaccines given nasally. Scientists are studying the possibility of vaccinating the population thanks to patches.

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Soon large “vaccinodromes”

In the meantime, the various vaccine campaigns are continuing somehow around the world. In France, where the number of Covid-19 patients treated in intensive care units continues to climb, the Minister of Health announced that the army and firefighters are expected to deploy soon “at least 35”Large vaccination centers against Covid-19 “from April“.

The idea would be to ”be able to use all the vaccines delivered to us from next month to massively vaccinate the French“, has followed. Mr. Véran, reaffirming in passing the objective of “ten million first vaccinated in mid-April ”.


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