A peasant drama that slips into a bloody tragedy signed Laurent Mauvignier

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The Stories of the night begin as a peasant drama – deserted villages, rural exodus, solitary lives, family secrets, renewed violence, the setting for the novels of Marie-Hélène Lafon or Cécile Coulon. But after 150 pages, the story turns into tragedy. Everything takes place within a radius of 50 kilometers. In the center, the place called L’Ecart des trois filles seul (what a beautiful name!), A hamlet in the town of La Bassée. In one of the three farms lives Patrice Bergogne, with his wife Marion and their daughter, Ida, 10 years old. The terraced house has been occupied for more than twenty years by Christine, an elderly artist who came from Paris to settle in this lost hole. The third is for sale.

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