A new, all-natural swimming pool water treatment system!

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A few months ago, two French companies sealed a rather interesting partnership. Their common goal was to combine electrolysis and UV to develop a 100% natural swimming pool water treatment system. The fact is that the latter does not require the use of chemical agents.

A new 2 in 1 system

Having a swimming pool at home obviously involves maintenance. Systematically, it is a question of treating the water in order to eliminate the bacteria and other algae found there. Still heavily used, chlorine can cause discomfort in people such as eye irritation, itching or dehydration of the skin. Chlorine is also a source of pollution in soils and waterways and represents a danger for wildlife.

In a statement published in November 2020, BIO-UV Group announced a partnership with Pool Technologie. Their objective ? Develop a system of treatment without chlorine by combining two technologies, ultraviolet and electrolysis. Bio-UV has developed a specific UV reactor and Pool Technologie, an electrolyser operating with very little salt.

Credit: BIO UV Group

The two technologies complement each other

The two companies recently presented their system in which water is both disinfected and disinfectant. Completely natural, the system in question is easy to install and use. The ultraviolet-electrolysis duo is apparently very effective thanks to the advantages of both technologies. The electrolysis treatment process transforms a certain quantity of salt by means of electrodes into natural chlorine and caustic soda. Usually, this amount of salt is between 4 and 6 gr / L. Thanks to their good persistence, chlorine and soda are transformed again into salt under the effect of UV rays. The water is therefore disinfected naturally. On the other hand, two disadvantages exist and could put off: a fluctuating pH as well as water with a salty taste.

Regarding UV (type C), these destroy them micro-organisms present in water like bacteria, algae and other molds. This treatment has been used alone for a long time. On the other hand, it requires the use of a small quantity of chlorine (or brome) so that the water is also disinfectant. However, the electrolysis treatment brings its touch on this precise point.

Finally, equipping your swimming pool with this type of system may not be for all budgets. Indeed, the price is between 2,500 and 3,000 euros depending on the model. However, the installation has only need low maintenance and does not use additional products. It is therefore very possible that this investment will pay off fairly quickly compared to other systems.

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