A mother gave birth to twins conceived several weeks apart!

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In the UK, a mother gave birth to twins. So far, nothing very surprising. However, the fact is that these two babies born on the same day were conceived three weeks apart. This extremely rare phenomenon has a name: “superficiality”.

Another child gone unnoticed

Lately, we were talking about the fact that there have never been as many births of twins as there are today. Indeed, the global rate of twin births has increased by a third since the 1980s. However, this type of birth sometimes reveals very rare phenomena, the latest reported by the American daily ABC News on April 1, 2021. The media mentioned the birth of “super-twins”, namely a girl and a boy born on the same day but conceived three weeks apart.

Rebecca Roberts and Rhys Weaver – her partner – had been trying for a child for years. After receiving treatment, Rebecca (39) finally got pregnant within the past year. No problem on the horizon but after twelve weeks of pregnancy and the third ultrasound, the doctors have discovered the presence of another baby. However, the difference in growth with the first child was about three weeks.

Gynecologist David Walker from the Royal United Hospital in Bath (UK) described his first reaction to seeing the second child. He said he wondered how he could have missed it.

Credits: roberts. supertwins / Instagram

An extremely rare phenomenon

This case is superficial, a extremely rare phenomenon that is diagnosed when a second pregnancy occurs when a first is already in progress. The eggs were released at two different times, before being fertilized and then implanted in the uterus. Moreover, this phenomenon is so rare that the number of cases is not even listed!

Over time, the pregnancy has become more and more difficult for the mother. So doctors have inducted in the 33rd week, that is 6 weeks earlier than usual. The fact is, the younger of the two children had stopped developing due to a serious problem with the umbilical cord.

The first child Noah weighed 1.86 kg at birth, and little Rosalie, only 1.2 kg. Doctors quickly placed the two babies in a neonatal intensive care unit. Noah will be there for three weeks, and Rosalie about three months. Finally, the whole little family was able to reunite around the time of Christmas 2020, and everyone is fine.

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