A Lausanne grocery store that puts the terroir on stage

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Perhaps you had seen her? In the markets of Morges, Lausanne or Vevey? Between 2010 and 2016, Laurene Ferla stood out throughout French-speaking Switzerland with its retro white scooter. Its niche? Products from local artisans. Those who are born in farm kitchens and who sometimes grow up in a laboratory, always on a human scale. With a sober and elegant packaging and typography, its Chez Laurène brand has from its beginnings served as a link between the countryside and the city.

After all her travels, the 30-something has anchored her vision of good things between four walls, in the Fiches Nord district, in Lausanne. The grocery store that bears his name offers around 300 items. “I want to support consistent and responsible consumption that favors local, artisanal and seasonal products. I see it as a citizen choice: to be the broker of a certain mode of production and to show that we can free ourselves from large groups, ”she explains.

Organic and bulk

For this, it offers, for example, a bulk assortment to avoid the pitfalls of overconsumption, avoids products based on palm oil and if possible nitrite salt. Its stocks are delivered directly from producers and artisans, paid at the right price. We can count on fresh bread from the Buet bakery, on the wines of the City of Lausanne. And, among others: farm ham, cut cheese, dried meat, farm eggs, fruits and vegetables, cookies, granola, muesli, homemade bircher, loose Swiss quinoa, lentils, terrines, artisan pizza, caramels and chocolate.

But still? Emergency products that come from abroad, always in line with the quality and respect for the place, such as a tin of tuna caught by line, spices or organic olive oils. Among the talented artisans that Laurène Ferla has followed since her beginnings, we find on the stalls Stunning Cream made with caramel from Ponts-de-Martel (NE).

Closed until further notice, the grocery store’s café, which has a children’s play corner, is currently offering salads, sandwiches, toast and sweets to take away.

At Laurène, chemin de Bérée 22D, Lausanne, tel. 021 546 10 50, Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm and its 8.30am-12pm. Find all the articles in the “One day an idea“.