A gourmet menu to celebrate Valentine’s Day

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“The idea is to please people, suppliers”, explained three-star chef Franck Giovannini on Saturday at Keystone-ATS. And also to keep in touch with the public. The great cook who had initially planned 500 portions had to add 150 in view of the enthusiasm. “Customers can no longer go to restaurants, and they are keen to get something of quality,” he notes.

A little magic

Customers did not shy away from their pleasure on Saturday when they came to pick up their Lovers’ Day menu. “It’s a way of supporting the establishment and not having to cook,” says a forty-something.

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“We come regularly. We appreciate the cuisine and all the magic that this kind of meal brings ”, underlines a regular.

For this Valentine’s Day, Franck Giovannini has concocted a complete menu, with four dishes to reheat. Among them, a sole with three lemons and a grilled veal filet mignon with black truffles. Not to mention the aperitif, sweets and “homemade brioche for Sunday morning”.

The meal for two people, including a bottle of champagne, costs 360 francs. In the same vein, the establishment offers 150 to 200 take-away menus every Friday, especially for its regular customers.

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Heavy uncertainty

“The take away doesn’t bring in much, but it keeps us busy. However, this has nothing to do with the usual dynamism of the brigade of 60 employees, which provides 100 covers per day, ”notes Franck Giovaninni.

Even if he says he is optimistic, the cook finds the time long, while his team is at RHT. “The uncertainty weighs on us. Customers are reserving for March just in case, but we don’t know when we’ll reopen, or under what terms, or even how many guests can be accommodated per table. It is impossible to project yourself, ”he regrets.