A colorful trial for Dominique Giroud and his cronies

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It has already been seven long years that spyware has found its way into the computers of two journalists from the RTS and you Time. Mired in an interminable procedural battle, sent back for the first time because of a lawyer tested positive for covid, this case must finally be judged on Monday in Geneva. On the bench, the Valais winegrower Dominique Giroud, accused of having sponsored the ultimately failed piracy, stars in this improbable cast. At his side, an agent now banned from the Confederation’s Intelligence Service, a private detective transformed into Judas of this crazy story as well as a gifted computer recruited for the occasion and now overwhelmed by all the others. The four friends plead for acquittal, saying they never wanted to put this plan into action and the atmosphere promises to be electric.

Angry subjects

The hearing will quickly come to life with the preliminary questions of the defense expected as an appetizer. So many opportunities to send a few missiles and set the tone before the main course. Among the angry subjects, there is the controversial role of Yves Steiner (who will be present at the hearing as a plaintiff), the former investigator of the RTS, passed to the Federal Financial Control, and warned target of the malware. The defense is trying to make him wear the hat of push-to-crime history, because of his links with the funny detective who had been hired by Dominique Giroud to “manage the media crisis” and who made it worse by revealing all the secrets of the winemaker.