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A beer whose taste incorporates the notion of climate change

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What could beer look like in half a century? Obviously, it is very difficult to answer this question. Nevertheless, a brewer based in the United States has materialized this possible beer of the future. This company has released a beverage made with ingredients that will be greatly impacted by climate change in the future.

A beer with the taste of climate change

In view of the global situation, it is quite possible to wonder whether this phenomenon will have a real impact on the taste of our food in the future. In an article published on April 18, 2021, the magazine Forbes explained how the American brewer New Belgium (which produces Fat Tire Amber Ale in particular) came up with a very special beer. Called “Torched Earth”, it was obtained in conditions related to climate change.

“This project started with an interesting brewing question that made the problem more real: What will the Fat Tire look like in fifty years if climate change continues unchecked? It’s already in the back of our minds, but sitting down and thinking about it in detail was both intriguing and hard to swallow ”, said Cody Reif, brand innovation manager.

Credits: capture YouTube / New Belgium Brewing

An example of alternative production

It must be said that the various effects of global warming such as floods, extreme rains, droughts and other fires are expected to negatively impact harvests of food. Among these foods, we find in particular the hops and malt which go into the composition of beer. The challenge according to New Belgium is to imagine a new way of producing this beverage that many consumers greatly appreciate.

Available in a limited edition, Torched Earth beer therefore represents a alternative production example. It does not incorporate fresh hops, but extracts of hops and dandelions. As for simple malt, this is replaced by various malt extracts. Regarding water, it is not purified water, but a water with a smoky taste.

With this action, New Belgium tries to communicate on the climate emergency in an original way. But what about the beer itself? According to the brand, the Torched Earth will surely not win any awards. This dark starchy liquid with smoky aromas could even scare away some big beer lovers. However, the brand reminds that the essential is elsewhere!


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