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A 4.8% increase in energy-related CO2 emissions is forecast for 2021

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In 2020, CO2 emissions have fallen relatively. The cause ? As we can imagine, these are the confinements observed all over the world in reaction to the Covid-19 epidemic. These were an opportunity to see how human activities – and their cessation – have an impact on the planet. But the truce will not last very long, since a return to the figures before the pandemic is announced.

A recovery after the 2020 break

The most optimistic believed it, but we suspected it a little: no miracle in sight. After having stopped dead during the health crisis and last year’s lockdowns, energy-related CO2 emissions are well on the way to resume a ascending curve. And yet the figures for 2020 were encouraging: the drop in these emissions has indeed been 5.8% !

The rise in energy-related emissions

After the international energy agencyquickly reduced the hope of seeing this decline continue. A few days ago, she announced that 2021 would be the year of “recovery”. It announces 33 billion tons of emissions for this year, that is to say a 4.8% increase . It should be noted that this specific type of emission constitutes 3/4 of global emissions of CO2.

Renewable energy production on the rise

To begin with, the fossil fuelsare still very widely used. This is the case of coal, the demand for which will surely increase by 4.5%. Little consolation: even if their progress remains rather slow compared to fossil fuels, the rates of renewable energies are announced on the rise: 8% for electricity and 17% and 18% for wind and solar, respectively. They should even exceed those of the years before Covid-19.

Credit: PIRO4D / pixabay

Rethink your energy consumption

In any case, it is once again the opportunity to think about how we consume, especially with regard to electricity, gas and energy. In recent years, many electricity suppliers have in fact turned to more virtuous production circles . As the supplier ekWator, some offer sustainable energyin line with a more responsible .

Focus on new means of production

We have seen it: the energies coming from wind and solarhave a bright future ahead of them. And while waiting for governments to make real decisions for the better manage these CO2 emissions, it is always possible to act at your own individual scale . Especially since it is now possible to choose a energy produced in Francein a more environmentally friendly way.


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