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9-12 Year Old Brother and Sister Receive PETA ‘Young Animal Heroes Award’ | News

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Mathilde, 12, and her brother Nicolas, 9, received the “Young Animal Heroes Prize” from PETA, which rewards these two young animal rights activists for their determination, their energy and their creativity, with which they raise awareness. adoption and help animals in shelters.


To thank them for everything they do to help make the world a better place for animals, PETA sent them framed certificates as well as some toys for animals in shelters that Mathilde and Nicolas help.

The abandonment of animals – the crisis and its remedy

One hundred thousand dogs and cats are abandoned each year in France. Some are left to fend for themselves on the public highway and others are taken care of by shelters – but the latter are struggling to find families for each of these animals, notably for lack of enough homes to accommodate them.

Among the solutions to be provided to this major problem, education and awareness-raising are priorities. Many people take an animal on the spur of the moment or give it as a gift without realizing the resources and long-term commitment that this entails. It is also essential to have your pet sterilized so as not to contribute to aggravating the overpopulation crisis, as well as not to never buy animals to turn instead to adoption in shelters, where so many adoptable individuals await.

There is no age to listen to your heart and help those who need it most

For more than 4 years, Mathilde and Nicolas have been working through their association Darwin forever, named in honor of their beloved canine companion. They help shelters by organizing collections of toys, food and blankets, distributions of “Christmas baskets” for animals in shelters and for those who have no shelter, and partnerships with traders, brands and veterinary surgeries wishing to contribute to their missions. To go even further, they raise awareness about adoption through drawing competitions, workshops in Mathilde’s college and even a collaboration with the Town Hall of Grasse, thanks to which all the schools in the city will receive teaching materials. to educate children to respect animals.

What you can do

This brother and sister’s compassion for animals and their determination to create a better world for them is a wonderful example for other teens – and adults to follow. Well done and thank you to them!

If you know of any children or teenagers who go out of their way to help the animals, please offer them for a price. Be sure to include their names, ages, and what they do that you think makes them deserve the award.


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