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2021, year of all dangers for Swiss tourism

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Confined in front of his screen at home or hidden from his workstation, who has not dreamed at least once in recent weeks of a beautiful sandy beach stretching as far as the eye can see? After a grueling year of battling a tough virus, the need for escape is growing and evident.

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But very quickly, the tempting prospect of seaside or cultural holidays abroad superimposed the images of these restaurateurs, of these hoteliers who have been screaming for months their frustration and distress. In the background of these reflections slip for many of us also the touching clichés of these past holidays. at home in 2021.

In this respect, the promotion campaign that Switzerland Tourism has just launched is particularly clever: after having dredged Chinese and Indian customers for years, the national marketing agency wants to make sustainability its new compass.

Holidays in Switzerland 2.0

Come and titillate our good conscience, while vibrating our sensitive chord. Admit it’s pretty well thought out. Repeated twice. So here we are again for a second season of the soap opera “Holidays in Switzerland”. Supporting the national economy while reducing our ugly carbon footprint is like a fantastic recovery plan that everyone wins.

Except that. The interior of our dreams and emotions, travel is worth much more than simple economic and ecological accounting. Synonymous with a change of scenery, discoveries and adventures, it could well not be reduced this year to an operation to rescue Swiss tourism. Especially since tests and vaccines are slowly expanding the range of possibilities.

While environmental issues are always better integrated, the desire to turn to local tourists is legitimate and commendable. But it will take much more than a simple declaration of intent to make Switzerland a truly sustainable destination. And it is also – and above all – by offering an irreproachable quality-price ratio that the hotels will seduce in the long term a Swiss and European clientele.

This year, it is not certain that the indigenous demand will meet the enormous expectations of tourist circles. But if providers have been able to be convincing in 2020, there is no reason that local customers should not come back quickly and more often.

The all too often hollow concept of sustainable tourism can then be replaced by that of… sustainable relationship.

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