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10 Fantastic cheap cute Christmas gifts for your cat

10 fantastic cheap cute Christmas gifts for your cat
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2020 has been a difficult year for many people, but our pets have always been there to sweeten the day. So it’s time to thank them with a little gift next to the Christmas tree.  10 Fantastic cheap cute Christmas gifts for your cat

Christmas trees are slowly beginning to invade the houses, the smell of gingerbread and clementine bark to spread everywhere and the roaring fires to crackle. In short, Christmas is fast approaching and many owners of pets want to give them a present this year.

It must be said that with lockdowns, the global pandemic and other bad news, 2020 has been a difficult year for many. And in this constant fog, the pets were a staunch support, bringing their share of sweetness, laughter and joy.

10 Fantastic cheap cute Christmas gifts for your cat

But what can you offer your cat that is both a gift that will please her and that does not cost a kidney? To help you in the jungle of choices, we have selected for you 10 fantastic gifts under 20 dollars that your cat should love!

A folding Cozy Life tunnel with 3 entrances

10 fantastic cheap cute Christmas gifts for your cat

For three times the fun. The icing on the cake is that the tunnel is available with small hanging toys to attract more attention from your cat.

Plush toys stuffed with catnip (lovely)

Colorful and really sweet, these adorable little toys are filled with catnip to delight the taste buds of your cat who will go crazy for these little soft toys!

A Catit playground that also doubles as a massage station

The best of the best for cats who love to chew everything, scratch their back and sleep! This playground is a smart purchase, which does not take up a crazy space and which makes all cats happy!

A cozy nest!

It’s simple, we have seen these very soft baskets EVERYWHERE these last months. Cute as everything, really cozy and not too big, they are perfect in any interior and above all are adored by cats.

A water bowl with a fish inside

Obviously, the fish at the bottom of this bowl is only a decoration, but that has its small effect and intrigues all the tomcats who come to laze a little water. And let’s face it, it changes quite a bit from the simple bowl placed in a corner.

A trendy scraper mat

ALL cats love to scratch. Some more than others. To allow Minou to scratch his teeth elsewhere than on your sofa and / or your mattress, here is a scraper in the form of a carpet. Practical, loved cats and not too ugly. Everyone wins !

A mini cat garden

Your tank doesn’t have the possibility to go out (or it is lazy to do so when the weather is ugly), give it a beautiful (and small) indoor garden. It doesn’t take up space, and it helps with digestion and prevents hairballs for your cat.

A healthy dose of Temptations treats

Like us, tomcats should not overdo these little treats that are not necessarily ideal for the weight. But once in a while, it’s nice. Catisfactions treats are often unanimous among our little felines, for a very reasonable price and a variety of flavors.

A 100% cardboard house

Cats love cardboard boxes and any boxes they come across. Not very surprising then to see that they like small cardboard houses just as much. Not only do they serve as a basket (well a small cushion is not too much), but they also serve as a scraper. Lifespan a few months, but it’s adorable and cats really enjoy it.

A circuit with a luminous ball

Some cats are less playful than others, but these circuits are often very successful. The circuit takes up a little space, but not too much and especially occupies the cats and kittens for long minutes. A good way to keep them occupied in your absence.


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